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Introduction to Tunisia

Tunisia was host to some of the earliest tool-making human culture and centre of the Carthaginian Empire. The Roman left a clear mark and Islam arrived early in the faith.
History at the end of, the seventh century. Modern Tunisia is comparatively recent Creation, but its Roots go back to the eighth century.
Sun, Sea and Sand are what most people come to Tunisia for. But if you are A bit more adventurous, beyond the beach and the Hotel there's a Land of Desert Oases, Mountain Oases, Romans Relics, Beautiful mosques and fascinating walled cities. The Easiest option is to Rent a Car from Fly & Drive Tunisia (at Tunis Carthage airport, Enfidha Airport, Monastir airport, Djerba Mellita Airport or be delivered to your hotel ). Tunisia is friendly, safe and generally hassle-free, yet it offers an experience that you can call an adventure.
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